World Food Trading

Our Mission

Across the globe while food is rotting, people are going hungry. Food waste consumes 21% of freshwater, 19% of all fertilizer, 18% of cropland, and 21% of landfill volume. Retailers throw away 40+ billion pounds of food annually.

GRO-CONNECT.COM is devoted to solving this problem by connecting farmers around the world to wholesale buyers like grocers and restaurant supply companies in need of product on a timely, cost-efficient basis. Today and in the past, the process has been slow and costly. GRO-CONNECT introduces our proprietary Advanced Procurement Technology (APT)  to quickly link growers with buyers in order to move product efficiently.  

Meet our Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Wholesale food purchased and sold using AI/ML. Automated Procurement Technology APT.
Growers/Distributors will see more sales, Logistics Partners will have more loads.

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