Growers & Grower Shippers

We are here to help you increase sales income and generate revenue.

Our goal and success is your success to increase revenue and profits.

How can we help you succeed?

  • We connect You to more Buyers
  • We optimize and improve your Marketing
  • We expand your reach
  • We scale your business volume
  • We improve your sales teams reach and volume
  • We save you the expense and time to reap results of increased Marketing and Sales Staff

What does it cost to work with us?

To start we have a very low monthly cost to post your product.

1-5 products per month= $15.00, 6-20 products= $35.00 and unlimited= $50.00 pr month.

We help you post your items and create SEO words that work with our marketing.

Write a Bio about your company, Team, Upload product certificates and bio details, provide all information so Buyers can decide quickly to purchase.

With each sale we are paid 5% commission at the time you are paid.

Our focus is to align ourselves with you and that is how we are structured.

Once you are prequalified and given access to the site, you will be able to post your items and set pricing based on how you sell. Some growers only sell containers, so pricing and details should reflect the cost of the container at your port or origin. You can also set a reduced price based on qty. The delivery and shipping costs will be calculated once the Buyer inputs delivery address.

Growers will need to be progressive, the consistent demand for quality product, priced properly, will increase your need to produce more. Many of our growers are reducing time in the ground by networking with greenhouses, they grow starters so production can be maximized. These are all great issues to have, as opposed to having few or minimal sales, or explosive sales one year and very low the next. Steady sales are maintained only with consistent access to numerous Buyers.

Upload any certifications and add all details with each product, the more information, origin, size, quality ratings, etc the easier for the Buyer to choose your product.

Note* To maximize your sales and income follow these steps

  1. Price your product based on (or below) current market costs
  2. Set volume discounts
  3. Upload all certs on your product and include all details
  4. Detail case count, pallet count, pallets per trailer or container etc
  5. Detail sizes and if you have numerous then create separate products
  6. The more brief details the quicker a Buyer will decide to purchase your product rather than scan over
  7. Remember you will increase volume and that will increase your profit (overpriced items will not sell as you are aware)

We have a low monthly fee and when you sell an item we collect our 5% fee. There is a very low carrying cost, monthly fee is $0.50 cents per day for 5 items per month or unlimited items costs $1.67 per day.

Where can you hire Sales Staff for that cost?

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these items, contact us at



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